My thoughts on living with adult children

My thoughts on living with adult children.
1. At some level, adult children are still running the “child-parent relationship software”.
2. At least at some moments, they still believe me to be in a “parent-child” mode, even if I am not.
3. As much as I try to be equanimous, I still expect at least at moments, my imprecise judgement manifests in my actions and languages in ways that is obvious to my adult children.
4. To live together in harmony requires equanimity and mindfulness from both parent and children.  I think this is no different than any close relationships.
5. Due to these difficulties, many decide against living together and move apart once circumstances permits.
6. Living together with adult children offers plenty of rewarding opportunity to learn the lessons of equanimity and mindfulness.
7. The fruit of equanimity and mindfulness is the ability to engage the full spectrum of vivid experiences life has to offer.  I feel these experiences can enrich the lives of seniors living in sterile comfort of our contemporary retirement arrangements.
8. Every path is good; each moment depends on being in the moment and being aware of sufficient perspectives to appreciate the moment and respond to the moment.


Knowing it is happiness.
Feeling it is joy.
Being is bliss.

Knowing and feeling are both optional; enough to simply be bliss.
I think the only reason for knowing and feeling is to develop the languages needed to help others who are seeking their own path.

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