What is the relationship between Climate Change and the Opioid Crisis

To truly address the opioid crisis a clear understanding of the root cause and the true solution is necessary; anything else short of that may just be more “substitutes” that hides the inconvenient truth.
I believe opioid crisis is one of many symptoms of a culture of sickness. It is by no means the only fatal consequence of a culture that has for some time forgotten the importance of individual and social responsibility. It is just one that is for now screaming at our collective conscience. It foreshadows greater calamities. I used to think that I am already trying my best and I can’t be expected to do much more than to whine and complain. Somehow I suspect I am not alone in my opinion. Yesterday, I listened to a speech delivered at the EU conference last month by the 16 year old Swedish Climate Change activist, Greta Thunberg. It was a sobering message that helped me understand my own version of narcotic. It is the narcotic of optimism that somehow the millennials and the echo generation will be more enlightened and stop the climate change, the opioid crisis, the diabetic crisis and all the other crisis I have helped perpetuate by my stuporous inaction.
I have not asked her, but I think I know what Greta will tell me to do about the Opioid Crisis or the Type 2 Diabetes Crisis….
Stop messing around with more studies or rely on others or the government to solve the problem! Take personal responsibility! Deal with my own addictions! Eat a mostly plant-based diet! Be a good example for others! Start wellness conversations at every opportunity. 
I believe, as physicians we are all blessed with great minds, society’s love and trust deserved and sometimes undeserved and the precious perspective of self-empowerment. We collectively hold the power to heal our culture of illness and lead the transformation to a cultural of compassion and wellness.
I believe to do that I must be on the wellness journey myself. Then as a family physician, I have enormous influence on many individuals at every echelon of society. People with enormous influences come to me at their moments of suffering, open to new perspectives and mostly willing to take actions. What a privileged position with wonderful opportunities! I can run groups for self-management education. I can make sure each patient knows the potential of 5 oz of non-starchy vegetables in prevention of Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and many many other diseases. I can help patients understand the role of pain and the true nature of addiction. I can empower them to share their wellness perspectives with their family, friends. I can collaborate with them to become changemakers in their circles of influence.
If a 15 year old Greta Thunberg can take on Climate Change; as a family physician I can surely find ways to do my part to promote wellness and compassion.

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