A family physician’s Basic Wellness Messages

One reason I believe I as a family physician is in a unique position to initiate wellness conversations with patients is because they come to me in the moment of need and are generally open to new perspectives. My experience is that when I embrace these opportunities and compassionately share the perspective that self-management will not only address their presenting “need” but also a very very large host of physical and mental conditions that promise great pain and suffering; I have their attention and genuine appreciation. My patients are just people that want to do the best for themselves but often don’t have the privilege of having the perspectives of self-reliance and empowerment as I do. I think they really appreciate it when I show them respect and share my personal and authentic experience with them.
I enjoy family practice immensely because of these perspectives. Thanks for reading and the opportunity to share them in this online community.

I share with all my patients a “Prescription of Basic Wellness Messages ” which I wrote for myself.
Rx: of Basic Wellness Messages
1. Good posture
2. 2 litres of water per day (+ If working out); (check with your MD if you have heart or kidney diseases)
3. 400 grams of non-starchy vegetables and fruits (WHO); no more than 2 servings of fruit per day due to increased risk of DM type 2.
4. Appropriate exercise level ( consistency, mindful of your bodies Messages – pain)
5. Breath Awareness Meditation (The essence of MBSR; a meditation technique that has been shown to reduce blood pressure; MBSR has been shown to be important in management of both chronic mental and physical conditions)
I share this information with every patient I meet, in clinic, ER, virtually or at time of medication repeats over fax.
I also share this on a blog and Facebook page I share with my patients.
I realize my basic needs for wellness are not different than my patient’s. I am privileged to be able to be reminded as I share the Basic Wellness Message that will have long term impact on generations to come. (Not usually measured by current metrics used by the government; I think there are ways ..)
I also wrote a letter to be mailed to all my patients; it’s already posted on my blog post.
My daughter is in medical school. The other day she asked for my for my opinion on what nutritional information needs to be taught in medical school. (Query coming from such independent thinkers always puts me on my toes)
Following blog outlines my answer to her.

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