My new relationship with food: Farmaceuticals, toxified, discretionaries

My new relationship with food.  I see them in three broad categories:
1. Farmaceuticals: 400 grams per day of a wide variety of non-starchy vegetables as recommended by  World Health Organization may contains over 6000 flavinoids with antiviral, antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory and antineoplastic properties.  I see the consumption of these foods to be non-discretionary like sufficient engine oil for proper maintenance of my car, brushing my teeth or prescription pharmaceuticals recommend by my doctor.  400 gram is approximately 15 oz.  I eat 5 oz before each meal three times a day.
2. Toxified foods are processed foods where unnatural substances are introduced by mass farming practices or by manufacturing processes.  These are to be avoided regardless of how pervasively and recursively I am exposed to advertising campaigns that try to reassure me that they are “The Real Thing”
3. Most other foods are to be enjoyed at my own discretion.  Having met most of my farmaceutical needs already, I will more likely eat mindfully, moderately, sensibly, stay healthy and enjoy life!!

I just read that in new document “Health Canada said most Canadians do not eat enough vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and many also drink beverages high in sugars.”  I note the subtle switch in language:  “...vegetable, fruits...”.   Reversed order compare to most prior literatures.
Follow link for difference between vegetables and fruits.
Humanity is waking up to the truth.

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