Mini vipassana - day 3 - What is compassion, equanimity, judgement ?

Mini vipassana - day 3

What is compassion?
My perspective is that compassion is an experience of equanimity.  Like everything, it may also be impermanent.  It may be a function of precision, the ability to see things as the really are.  The experience of knowing that I don’t know what I don’t know is an essential perspective necessary for precision.  So such precision may be a function of the collection of perspectives I own.  This collection expands so long as I mindfully interact with others and create space in my thoughts for new perspectives.  Hence to me compassion is not a goal, rather the consequence of growing perspectives.

What is judgement?
Perhaps judgement is not the problem, rather imprecise judgements.  As a physician, I make  judgements frequently  about diagnosis and management plans; the value of these judgements depends on precision.
So given insufficient data,  judgements are imprecise by definition, problematic and unnecessary.  Hence knowing I don’t know what I don’t know mutivate me to create space for what I don’t know.  This is the precision required to feel equanimous and experience compassion for others.

Mindfulness ->
perspective ->
equanimity ->
precision ->


Knowing it is happiness.
Feeling it is joy.
Being it is bliss.

Knowing and feeling are both optional; enough to simply be bliss.
I think the only reason for knowing and feeling is to develop the languages needed to help others who are seeking their own path.

Every path is good; each moment depends on being in the moment and being aware of sufficient perspectives to appreciate the moment and respond to the moment.

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