Our conversations are eternal.

I am grateful for the gifts of each moment.  Our conversations are such gifts.

While we are here for a while and will eventually go; I believe our conversations contributed to an collective wisdom and our intentions accelerated the ever expanding awareness.

Some tend to be more cerebral than the average.  Every gift comes with the choices to misuse.   I have realized that I am quite content when busy; and unsettled when unoccupied. I think this is my mind’s tendency to be restless and seeks attachment to something (for example to start conversations).  I also think this challenge is a common humanity and explains much of human suffering.  I have come to the conclusion that BAM is the solution to this challenge.

Each in-breath is a new beginning and out-breath a new ending.   While death is the last new ending of the body; our conversations persist as part of a collective narrative; and all our intentions travels out eternally in the sea of effects.


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