Everymind’s business

Workload in healthcare is due to illness.  Abandoning technology is not the answer.  It is like throwing away the hammer because I missed the nail and hit my finger.  Using technology effectively is one answer.  Another answer is getting the attention of everyone and provide education and support in self-management.
As healthcare is at the crossroad of social sciences, arts and sciences; it’s solutions require wide collaborations between many disciplines of knowledge.
Invest in “googleresque” software teams to design, unencumbered by imagined fears, efficient EHRs that empowers and trust physicians to provide care.  Allow them to create “universal” software that feels like “wind beneath our wings” rather than “ankle weights”.
Automatic audio archive of details of clinical encounter may sastisfy billing and legal needs and free the user from work not related to direct patient care to focus on the patient.

Self-management education and support is everymind’s responsibility to its body.   Everymind needs to pay attention.  It needs to start formally at the earliest opportunity in a school system that is “cradle to grave”.

Artists, entertainers and opinion makers, skilled at attracting publics attention, may provide the much needed informal education and support to a diversity of minds.  This diversity of minds requires a diversity of “languages”, approaches and medium.

I think pain is the universal “language” the body speaks to the mind of the consequences of its food and activity choices.  Prescribing medications without education and support in self-management is one way for care providers to help the mind ignore the body’s warnings.  As care providers are given the mind’s attention due to pain from the body and sufferings of the mind; care providers may interpret the pain to a mind made attentive by pain and redirect its attention from imagined to real needs.  In accordance to spirit of CanMeds, physicians may be empowered and supported to begin conversations within their own circle of influence to raise awareness at every echelon of our society.  This conversation may include patients, learners, employees and community groups.  It mis also  include leaderships in healthcare systems, education systems, government and corporations.  Being led by leaders without awareness would be like having “the blind lead the blind”

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