Penny for your thoughts.

100 Billions galaxies in Universe.
200 Billions solar systems in a galaxy.
100 Billions humans ever born.
7.8 millions different animal species.
400,000 different plant species.
300,000 edible plant species.
200 plant species consumed by modern humans.

102 Billions spent by Canadians on processed food and beverages in 2016.
4.9 Billions spent by Canadians on vegetables and fruits in 2016.
7-10 servings of vegetable and fruits per day recommended by Canada food guide.
4.6 servings of vegetables and fruits per person per day actually consumed by Canadians.
90% of Canadian children are not meeting current physical activity guidelines in Canada.
65 percent of students in college or university in 2016 reported experiencing overwhelming anxiety in the previous year (up from 57 per cent in 2013).
46 per cent reported feeling so depressed in the previous year it was difficult to function (up from 40 per cent in 2013).
13 per cent had seriously considered suicide in the previous year.
2.2 per cent reported attempting suicide in the last year (up from 1.5 per cent in 2013).
50% of the Canaduans will have or have had a mental illness by age 50.

80%, according to Health Canada, Canadian adults have at least one modifiable risk factor for chronic disease (self-reported tobacco smoking, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating and harmful use of alcohol).
$250 Billions spent by Canadians on health care.
$300 Billions tax revenues in Canada.
$6604 is the annual healthcare cost per Canadian.
30% Canadians are either diabetic or prediabetic.
$26416 is annual health care cost per Canadian with diabetes.
10,300 Canadians died as a result of an apparent opioid-related overdose in last 3 years.

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