Anapana (BAM) - a powerful technique to eliminate obsolete “software” programs of my mind

Mr. Goenka believes vipassana is answer to today’s human condition;  I totally agree.

In my opinion at the root of every undesirable habit, painful craving or harmful addiction there is an uncontrollable pattern of thoughts - an incessant but obsolete suite of “software” that slows the “system” down, cause the system to ignore important “inputs” and manifest in unhelpful “outputs” or behaviours.  To me this is the cause of the human condition of suffering.

Elimination of these out-of-date thought patterns frees up a space to experience new perspectives.  The collection of perspectives when suffient gives rise to a sense that my thoughts are only thoughts that can not exist without my body; and what it like or don’t like is not more important than what the body needs.  This realization that my mind and my body are distinct but interdependent is the first step towards precision or the ability to see things as they are.  There are other milestones reached and in reached in my inner journey towards precision.  I believe one of these milestones is the sense of oneness.  The sense that as my mind can not exist without my body, so my body can not exist without my community, humanity and Mother Nature.

I believe, some measure of this sense of oneness of every member predicates the wellness of every organization - couple, family, community, nation, humanity, nature and oneness.

This sense of oneness is an experience accessible to everyone through the technique called anapana taught during vipassana.

I was able to experience this transformation in just 2 days.  I now cautiously call it an inner transformation, as the effect I felt following Vipassana started 25 days ago has persisted to now; in that many automatic thought patterns I used to have and found useless but was unable to eliminate have now ceased; like the disappearance of a perennial plant whose roots have been removed.

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