The Art of Complaint: Who, why, what and when.

I have learned a few perspectives that help me.
Who? People are more likely attentive, when the challenge personally affects them.
So reflecting and disclosing clearly limitations, most importantly mine, help everymind see things as they are.
Why? Above is only truly possible, when my intention is for the greater good of everyone.
What? There seems to be no shortage of “problem lists”, real and imagined. I think it is important to redirect everymind’s attention to what is real and begin the change within me. “If not part of the solution, then must be part a precipitate” — chemistry joke.
When? I used to feel disappointment when results fall short on the metrics I have preconceived. Now, I understand the irreplaceable “tincture of time” and “infinity of my ignorance”.
My tree grower friend buried bunch of nuts 12” deep and waited 3 years to see which might send up shoots. He planted the pinhead size American ginseng seeds and waited 2 years before the first germinated. I am learning more than just growing trees from my friend; I am learning to be patient, free-up some space in the bondage my expectations and embrace the yet unknown.

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