Spring of Wellness Conversation at St. Andrew’s Community Centre

You are invited to participate in this Spring of Wellness conversation led by a local Family Physician experienced in promoting wellness through healthy lifestyle.  Bring your wellness questions? 


Sunday March 31st 2019. At 10:00 am - 11:30

Refreshment provided


St. Andrew’s Community Centre
46 Exeter Rd, Ajax, ON L1S 2J8

Learning Objectives:

1. Managing Stress & Insomnia
2. Managing Chronic Pain
3. Food as your Medicine.

Presenter Bios:

Carlos Yu BMath, MD, CCFP(EM), FCFP
Assistant Professor Queen’s University and McMaster University; Lecturer at University of Toronto (Adjunct); Peer Leader, OntarioMD.

Dr. Carlos Yu runs self-management education and support groups to prevent and manage chronic physical and mental conditions.  He provides experiential learning opportunities for other healthcare providers and medical learners interested in learning how to run such groups.  Due to their innovative patient engagement strategies, the Ajax Harwood Clinic received Merck’s Patient First Award and selected by CFPC as a “Success Story of Patient Medical Home”.

Dr. Yu also works as an emergency physician and enjoys farming.

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