Make nature’s medicine a right for all Canadians

Hippocrates said “food is our medicine”.  I think some foods are still our medicine; and this medicine is the non-starchy vegetables.
The new Canada Food Guide promotes awareness of importance of nutrition.
To address food (vegetable) security issue, one proposition.
1.  Make non-starchy vegetables a right of every Canadian.  Eg. For those who are >65, under 25 or on welfare; make these nature’s medicine insured by provincial health ministry; redeemable at rate of 1lb per day.  The savings to health care cost will likely easily surpass cost of the program.
2.  A tax incentive that apply to 1 lb of vegetable per year a available for individuals choosing to buy these nature’s medicine.  Once again the cost savings would be phenomenal; even if human factors are ignored.

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