I was invited to reflect on what is important for Canadian Healthcare

I think a fundamentally important perspective I learned from my parents were to believe that “I can”. For me, this perspective was not only taught, rathered learned through being faced with need to solve problems, allowed to try, to fail and to be  encouraged.
It only recently dawned on me that this “I can” perspective is not the privileges of many of my patients.
I believe this “I can” perspective was an important step in my journey towards increased self-management.
It also dawned on me that perhaps there are other healthcare providers, like myself, having grown up in more self-empowering life learning scenarios are unaware of the patient’s lack of “I can” attitude or it’s pivotal importance.

I now see two fundamental healthcare challenges to be:

1. How to help s learn the “I can” perspective.
2. How to help those who have the “I can” perspective gained the perspectives of gratitude for their life circumstances; and that others who don’t have the “I can” perspective can learn the same if only given the necessary circumstances
I am grateful to Canadian Medical Association for inviting me to a conversation with my colleagues across the country about and to reflect on the challenges of Canadian Healthcare.  It gave me the time and context to reflect upon some of these ideas.

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