A cultural problem needs a cultural solution

Agree that we have a cultural problem – perhaps a real need for individual wellness mindset. Until the real need is met, a government is necessary to help promote that wellness mindset. I think this new mindset requires support from government, institutions, corporations and individual citizens.
Innovate ways to ensure self-management education that prevent as well as treat illnesses is part of every health care encounter.
Teach our children and youth in a way that also meet their true needs to be physically healthy, attentive and curious learners, social-emotionally aware and responsible citizens at home and at large.
Reach out to our private corporation to find ways to create an economy built on wellness rather than illness.
Use the power of marketing to profit responsibly from genuine solutions that meets the real needs rather than creating insatiable delusions and an endless stream of substitutes.
Celebrate disease preventing vegetables instead of disease-causing food-substitutes.
Make authentic conversations about the need for individual wellness a norm rather than a taboo.
Vote for individual wellness with every healthy meal eaten and every wellness conversation shared.
With gratitude.

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