My solution to prevent “burnout”

Based on my personal experience, solutions to burnout for me are personal development, patient education and learning group skills. I discovered all of these can be had by running Physician-led Self-management Group Education and Support.
I feel like, I have retired from a practice of medicine which just puts out fires. Now at every clinical encounter, whether in my office or the emergency department, I address the patient’s reason for the visit first; then I share with them the perspective that knowledge of self-management has the potential to prevent great many sickness, pain and suffering. I invite them to attend my one or two of my three Wellness Tuesday classes. Through these group experience, participants develop the focus to maintain wellness behaviour and the language and skill to share the wellness message with their own circles of influences: patients, family, friends and coworkers. In my experience, every participants including myself takes away new perspectives necessary for wellness at every group encounter. We have shared our open source toolkits on the CFPC’s Best Advice Guide: “Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Care in Patient Medical Home” on how to run physician-led groups. Ajax Harwood Clinic received the “2018 National Merck’s Patient First Award” and selected as a “Success story for Patient Medical Home” by CFPC. I believe the best way to learn group is to experience one. In 2018 we ran such a group for attendees at a Canadian national conference called Collaborative Mental Health Conference and hope to do the same in 2019.
I am grateful to each and everyone of my patients for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to develop wellness as a person and as a physician.
Invitation for anyone who wish to check out these sessions. “See one and do one”. It’s easy and loads of fun!
Here is a blog I write to share my wellness journey with patients, friends and colleagues.

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