Plantar fasciitis or “heel spurs” or foot pain: Is orthotics or arch supports necessary?

Suffer plantar fasciitis or "heel spurs"? Perhaps expensive arch supports are not necessary.
As a family doc who used to suffer the above condition, I'd like to share my insight.

The pain from plantar fasciitis or "heel spur" is a myofascial pain that is felt anywhere along the arch of the foot from the heel forward.
It's related to fatigue and spasms of the small muscles in the arch of the foot.  ( this is why it often partially relieved after walking for a while)

To relax and stretch the muscles involved try this:

When walking, place more weight on the heels and lightly lift toes off the floor... Imagine gently touching the roof of the shoes with the top of toe nails.

Worked for me and few friends and many patients; I hope it works for others too.

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