What is a “safe” injection site?

She asked me for help with addiction; I ask her if she wants to live or die. She said she wants to live. I then told her that her real challenge is her mind – the collection of imprecise thoughts that has her constant attention (Eg. Cravings for the object of her addictions); the inability to redirect her attention away from these thoughts resulting in habitual and body-destructive behavior (Eg. compulsion and loss of control regardless of consequences). In reminded her that without the body there can be no mind. I then asked her if she can trust her mind to know as to what to do to live? She said no. I then suggested that for now, she not trust her mind and trust mine instead. She agreed. I asked her if I may remind her of our agreement from time to time. She agreed again. I told her that the mind does not work unless the body works; so the first step is to start each day with something equivalent of an egg omelette with 5 oz of spinach added. She wrinkle her nose and said I don’t eat breakfast and certainly not spinach. I told her that is her mind speaking, her body would appreciate the nutrition and reminded of our agreement. She nodded her head and agreed. I then asked her to attend our mindfulness training classes every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I waited while she struggled with her mind’s multitudes of “I can’t”. Each time I reminded her of the choice she has already made. 1. To live. 2. To allow me to help. 3. To trust my mind rather than hers. It’s been 3 month now, she’s never yet missed a class. She sits for 50 minutes with the group twice a week and meditates daily on her own. I tell her every time how wonderful she is doing. He daughter told me how she no longer says mean things and has changed. Her husband is also considering coming to groups.
Is a “Safe injection site” an addiction treatment facility? Is it there to help patient free themselves from addiction, to help them perpetuate addictions or something else? If a patient has chosen to die, would that be a matter of expanding the eligibility criteria of MAID?
“In order to be eligible for medical assistance in dying, you must meet all of the following criteria. You must:
be eligible for health services funded by the federal government, or a province or territory (or during the applicable minimum period of residence or waiting period for eligibility)
generally, visitors to Canada are not eligible for medical assistance in dying
be at least 18 years old and mentally competent. This means being capable of making health care decisions for yourself.
have a grievous and irremediable medical condition
make a voluntary request for medical assistance in dying that is not the result of outside pressure or influence
give informed consent to receive medical assistance in dying.

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