Life’s privilege

I feel great gratitude for my privileges in life, of having some perspectives on life and for life.
I think life is about having sufficient perspectives and paying attention to ones that works.
My mother and father immigrated from Taiwan to Canada with their 4 children. Mom worked as housekeeper; my father worked as a janitor. They raised their family while making minimum wages. They cooked every meal and lived simple. We were blessed with a country that welcomed us, where education was subsidized, healthcare was free and opportunities abound. I was surprised to find out that library books were free to borrow. We furnished our home with perfectly usable furnitures we’d pickup from curb side. It was easy life compared to where we had came from.
I believe while Canada is full of opportunities, it is the perspective of self-reliance I learned from role models in my life, such as my parents and my teachers, that allows me to benefit from the opportunities. For long time I assumed everyone had such empowering perspectives. Now I know it is not so. I think it is one important perspective I wish to share with those asking for my help – it is equally as important as other social determinants of health. 
Perhaps we need more resourcefulness rather than resources.

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