Fall prevention in seniors

In Canada, more than 137,500 seniors (age 65 and older) were hospitalized for injuries in 2017/18, with most injuries caused by falls, according to new data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). 
Falls are also the top reason for injury among seniors seen in the emergency room (ER). Falls accounted for 60% of all reported ER visits among seniors, with an estimated 20% admitted to the hospital.

For fall prevention and maintenance of quality of life, I share with my seniors the following ideas:
1. Avoid starting to use walkers ( and canes) in possible; reliance on walker may cause development of poor postures if used improperly.
2. Avoid adopting automatic chairs that helps one standup and stair elevators if at all possible. They encourage disuse and accelerates muscle weakness.
3. Do three sets of Sit-rise exercises daily. Record the number of reps on a log and bring them in for discussion at our next visit.

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