Fear of the unknown

I think some brains are wired to fear the unknown and some to embrace. This is one of multitudes of neurodiversities. Neurodiversity is life’s existential strategy; as is biodiversity, gender diversity, ethnic diversity, cultural diversity and perspective diversities.
All the “isms” arise from over-generalizations or imprecise judgements of what is “good” or “bad”. Sense of oneness arise from awareness of individual uniqueness and equanimity.
“Differently than before, he now looked upon people, less smart, less proud, but instead warmer, more curious, more involved. When he ferried travelers of the ordinary kind, childlike people, businessmen, warriors, women, these people did not seem alien to him as they used to: he understood them, he understood and shared their life, which was not guided by thoughts and insight, but solely by urges and wishes, he felt like them. Though he was near perfection and was bearing his final wound, it still seemed to him as if those childlike people were his brothers, their vanities, desires for possession, and ridiculous aspects were no longer ridiculous to him, became understandable, became lovable, even became worthy of veneration to him.” Siddhartha 11.2 by Hermann Hesse

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