I wonder how much cannabis manufacturers pay patient advocacy groups and professional societies

I also wonder how much cannabis manufacturers pay patient advocacy groups and professional societies that have great influences on policies, guidelines, medical education and our culture.
The education on the medicinal use of cannabis is mostly funded directly or indirectly by the producers.
I read in Wikipedia, “..in vitro studies indicate CBD may interact with different biological targets, including cannabinoid receptors and other neurotransmitter receptors, as of 2018 the mechanism of action for its biological effects has not been determined...It is an allosteric modulator of the μ- and δ-opioid receptors as well.”   
While I have no clue how CBD actually works, it  being both a potent psychotropic and analgesic suggests to me of it’s potentially a dangerous substitute or quick fix solution for dealing with pain and suffering.
While I suspect there must be research on CBD safety and benefits eagerly and earnestly shared by producers and promoters; I am hesitant to abandon all caution.  I read not all that long ago Valium was promoted as safe and a way to safeguard the virtues of college girls who might otherwise succumb to crumbling moral standards.  More recently oxycodone was prophetically promoted as the “one to start with and the one to stay with”.

Three challenges of “quick fixes” or addictions are: 1. Suffering caused by a real need unmet. 2. Side effects of the substitutes.  3. Vulnerability to other harmful substitutes.
I believe much more conversations at an individual and system level about the true nature of addiction are needed.

I think in general, pain, suffering and illness are consequences of being alive, of having the freedom to choose between what’s good for me and what is bad.  They are teachers constantly reminding me of what my body needs and what my mind don’t. A “health care system” that narcotizes me and leaves me benighted of the consequences of my poor choices would only leave me insatiably dependent on it.
Hippocrates said “Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that make him sick.”

I think, voicing problems without making any personal efforts towards potential solutions makes little sense.  Someone also said “you are either the solution or the precipitate”.

So my personal solution to this challenge, at least for now, is to continue to learn from my pains, sufferings and illnesses to let go of what my mind wants and make tough moment by moment choices that are good for the body, the community and the planet; and to share my perspectives at every opportunity and clinical encounters.

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