Interactive session of wellness discovery!

Good morning!

I am a family physician in Ajax.  I believe we can build a new culture of wellness.

Please join me for an interactive session of learning and discovery!
This Sunday March 31st 2019 10:00am to11:30am at the St. Andrew’s community center ( 46 Exeter Rd, Ajax, ON L1S 2J8) Come and discover your “specialness”; how your mind and body works; and how we can each make a difference in our family and community!  
Learn to deal with challenges in relationships, loneliness, anxiety, depression, problems with substances and insomnia.

Have a great day!

Carlos Yu MD, BMath., CCFP(EM), FCFP, CTH
Family Physician, Wellness Coach, Group Self-management Education Promoter

I am also helping a medical student who is trying to stop the diabetes type 2 crisis in Canada by promoting a counseling bot he built: Broccoli Healthy Eating Coach.

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Thank you so much!

Assistant professor, Queen’s University, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Assistant professor, McMaster University, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Lecturer, University of Toronto, Department of Family and Community Medicine

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