Mini vipassana day 4 - my experience of “tasting” pain

One other joined me.

The session began with instruction of BAM and participant encouraged to improvise.

My personal practice

Instruction to myself:
Paid simultaneous attention to a point near the nostril, one digit on my hand and the natural breath; switching point on nostril and digit on hands with each natural breath.
I felt both palms “heat up” and a “column of energy” rising into out of my palms.

Instruction to myself:
Paid attention to the natural breath and “leaned” into pain arising in my crossed leg after sitting for sometime without shifting.
I realized that the “pain” is like a “spicy” taste; and the “sharper” area is like the “fresh” taste of “lime in a spicy dish”; and the “numb” sensation like the “fuzzy sensation of eating kiwi with skin on”.   The discovery was exciting and the experience was no longer “pain”, rather “special” and pleasant.  Soon the attention shifted without warning to something entirely different and I only later noticed that the prior uncomfortable sensations in my crossed legs had completely disappeared.

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