What causes alopecia areata.

I worked volunteer clinic tonight.

A patient new to Canada presents with alopecia areata.  I told him there is no medicine for it; and it is a symptom of a poor immune system with 3 potential root causes.

1. Deficiency of essential nutrients.
2. Exposure to non-physiologic substances
3. Suppressed immune system from chronic stress.

I asked him how he would rate his diet.  After consideration, he said, “50%”.

I asked him if he knows what a 100% diet looks like?  He replied, “no”.

I shared with him the critical importance of the multitude of flavinoids present in a daily dose of 400gram of non-starchy vegetables.

He then confided in me that he has been eating mostly processed food.

He then asked me if I can renew his stomach acid reflux medication.  I shared with him the perspective that the reflux symptoms are a way his body is informing him when he is eating the wrong foods.  I encourage him to stop the medication and respond to his symptoms by stopping all processed foods.

I then shared with him a scientifically proven way  called BAM to manage stress and encouraged him to learn more.

He and his wife both thanked me and left more informed.

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