My sister asked me, “Which should I use on Apple, my dog”?

Which one should we give Apple for her joint pain (known to be arthritis)? :)

I am not a vet but I am happy to share my opinions as long as I am asked to do so and I don’t think I am doing any harm.
Following is my reply:
I’d give her lots of green vegetables as natural anti-inflammatory and for its metabolic benefits.  The pain will slow her down for a while so she can recover naturally from likely some episodes of overuse.
Hard for you to watch her limp; but that’s nature’s way of allowing the body to heal.
Dogs respond to nociception with limping; nociception informs the body to adjust weight loading and limit usage.  They do not suffer regrets, shame, worries or fear.

Based on these two studies:

Oranges contain about 50mg Hesperidin per gram of peel.

In animal model, 63% observed to have anti-inflammatory response equivalent to indomethacin when given 100mg/kg dose of Hesperidin.

So assume Apple is 30kg, her dose is 3000 mg of hespedin or 60 grams or 2 oz of orange peels.

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