My regrets, fear and purpose

I once questioned my safety from nuclear disaster, darkness, ghost, boogeyman, my size, height, attractiveness, intelligence, morals, choice of spouse, ability as lover, husband, father, my kid’s safety, future, choice of partners...the list goes on and on.. I suspect all common humanity stuff.

I know now to accept all things as they are; all things in my past as they were and all things in my future as they will be.  I spent good part of my past dwelling in regrets and fears because I did not have this new perspectives.
“Positive” thoughts of pride or hope may be a reactive way to avoid “negative” thoughts of shame or fear.  The “positive” thought may be akin to buying happiness on credit.
I also think knowing to accept all things does not necessarily imply my moment to moment experience will never be highjacked by thoughts of regrets and fear.  My techniques is to label them “thinking” whenever I notice them and redirect my attention back to the present moment that is my breath.

As for purpose of life; I think now that I have some notion or perspective that everything is fine just the way it is then the “purpose” is to interact with everything and everyone within boundaries of my perception and collectively gain an ever larger set of perspectives of this sense of okness and oneness.
Suffering is the consequence of the delusion of self.
The cessation of suffering is not a purpose but a consequence of this collective enlightenment.

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