Sciatica - Self-administer management that works for me

I discovered the following exercise that helps me manage my sciatica.  It is the only self-administered back decompression exercise that utilizes abdominal musculature to counter the compressive action of paraspinal muscles and gravity
1. Sit up, stand up or lay straight, shoulders back and down, take 3 stacked inspiration to ensure lung is in maximal inflation; diaphragm down and abdomen should protruded to allow more room for full inspiration.
2. While holding the breath in
3. compress abdominal muscles and feel the spinal decompression from internal pressure - a person with 40” waist line, at two PSI intra-abdominal pressure can generate 250lb of decompression force along the spine.  For 30” waist line, 140lb of decompression.
With practice, this decompression action can be used intermittently anytime, anywhere and during any activity.

Several patients managed to learn this technique from me and are able to stop all analgesics and alleviate leg-dominate pain on-demand.

In one 85 year old lady; she was able to stop all her analgesics and wheelchair dependency.

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