Why do we not have a national patient record system?

 It’s a significant conundrum in our healthcare system. Privacy is undoubtedly paramount, but its emphasis shouldn't overshadow the urgent need for data sharing, crucial for holistic and informed healthcare decisions. Delving deeper, the reluctance to embrace transparency and efficiency in healthcare administration isn't solely about privacy or job security. At its core, the healthcare business, like any other, is driven by the forces of return-on-investment. This often means that the overarching objective may lean more towards profitability rather than genuine patient well-being and happiness.

Increased transparency and efficiency might lead to reduced administrative roles, potentially impacting the 'business' side of healthcare. A system where patients are consistently healthy might paradoxically seem detrimental to a profit-driven healthcare business model. Moreover, with more transparent operations, healthcare providers might find themselves under greater scrutiny, questioning the necessity of some of their roles.

Yet, this shift could be a blessing in disguise. It would allow healthcare professionals to channel their skills and passion more directly into enhancing patient health and happiness. Those professionals who might find their roles evolving or becoming obsolete can pivot to exploring other passions and avenues.

The challenge to establish a 'one patient, one record' system isn't grounded in technology but rather in politics and, importantly, in shifting the mindset of the healthcare business model. The average citizen needs to understand the immense benefits of such a system. Politicians, reflecting the knowledge and demands of their voters, need to recognize its importance. It's not about the costs; it's about aligning the healthcare business model with the true essence of healthcare: the well-being and happiness of its patients.

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