Do you suffer an addiction?

Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism. - Carl Jung
For me, it is important to understand that addiction is a common humanity and opioid is just one of the many many objects of addictions.  Without this fundamental perspective, the answer, that is within everyone and requires everyone’s participation, will remain hidden from awareness.  Believing that somehow social determinants or anything external are the root causes only deepen stigma, conjures more divides and misguides the society’s attention away from the real problem.
What I see is a general lack of awareness.
The political leaders elected to better our society seem to spend too much time defending against accusation of being antisocial.  Professionals who feel powerless against imminent burnout are expected to teach, heal and lead the masses who suffer the same. Consumers who are willing to yield to what the mind want and don’t want at the horrific expense of the body, the community and the planet are looking for magic cure for the natural consequences of their questionable choices.  Opioid crisis, rising suicide rates, type 2 diabetes crisis all seem to respect no external divides - age, gender, ethnicity, social economic, education, nationality, etc. Being unaware of the many subtle addictions created yet more divides between those who suffer addictions socially unacceptable vs what’s “acceptable” (but equally harmful).
I think addiction to the mind may be a common humanity; and the expansion of this awareness is one essential component of the real solution; and it needs to begins with the individual at every meal, every conversation and every moment.

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