Use and misuse of pharma

The root challenge is that physicians, leader of health and wellness, have largely grown unaware and apathetic of the important role self-management education and support.  Pharma also has an important role in providing us better technology.  Hence avoidant of pharma presence at FMF (Family Medicine Forum) does not solve the root challenge of unawareness.  
Perhaps, try, for a change, serve a breakfast consistent with Canada food guide 2019 at FMF; then commit at least 50% content of FMF to self-management education and support, physician leadership, community engagements.  Include topics of little corporate interests and consequently lack “evidence-based” support and omitted in clinical guidelines.  FMF is looked up to by physicians and learners.  I think it is important, at FMF, physicians are inspired to eat well, exercise appropriately, develop personal mindfulness and engage their community in wellness conversations.  Who better to lead a population of illness to wellness than physicians?

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