Tell it like it is.

  1. “Should I worry”?
    “Do you want to suffer”?
    “Am I crazy”?
    “Yes you are and so am I”.
    “Am I going to die”?
    “Yes you are and so am I”.
    “I don’t like to eat vegetables”.
    “That’s your mind talking and your body love it. Is your mind more important than your body”?
    “I am too old to eat properly or to exercise”
    “Do you know when you will die”? “Do you want to suffer till you die”?
    “I didn’t know I have kidney failure or cancer, why are you asking me to visit the dialysis clinic and cancer clinic”?
    “Your kidney is actually fine for now and you don’t yet have cancer; I just want you to see what might happen if you continue to eat the way your eating right now.”
  2. “Why do I have pain”?
    “I think your body doesn’t like how it’s being treated and is speaking to your mind; and pain is the language of the body. Would you like me to interpret”?
    “Will you give me something to kill the pain”?
    “Would you like me to help you to tell you body to shut up”?
  3. “Why are you always feeling so great”?
    “Because no one else suffers more than me when I am miserable”.

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