My suggestion to Canadian Medical Association

CMA might consider doing more than just reiterating popular headliners without a plan. It might take the leadership to campaign for a cultural shift towards a root solution —
1. the consumption of 400 grams of non-starchy vegetables per day
2. national mindfulness training.
This will focus attention and address all stated issues below:
1. Creating a national—rather than provincial—strategy for healthcare. (A cultural shift is a national effort)
2. Leverage the potential of new and emerging technologies. (Social media can be leveraged to change culture; marketer know this well)
3. More support for physician health and wellness. (Show me a physician that eats 1 lb of non-starchy vegetables and meditates each day and I’ll show you a physician leader in wellness)
4. Attract and support more rural physicians. (Inequality in a democracy the size of Canada is the price of freedom; there are ample of benefits in living and working rural)
5. The adoption of pharmacare to address drug shortages and pricing. (Increase patient education reduce substance and medication dependency; “drug shortage” is a consequence of a sickness industry/culture expanding steadily and having reached the verge of the imminent destruction)
6. Acknowledge climate change and the impact on Canadians’ health. (Getting mired in controversy without a plan of action is divisive, irresponsible and only distracting from dealing with the root cause. Attempt to bring awareness to climate change at a luxury retreat of consumerism may be disingenuous and compromise credibility)
7. Work with Indigenous communities. (By all means; and work with all communities. Do the children of settlers deserve any less than those of the colonized? I don’t seem to have to look far beyond myself, family, friends and my practice to find great needs.)
8. Accelerate a national licensing program. (Dealing with expanding demand issue will likely alleviate the supply issue in a safe and sane fashion.)
Teachers have access to all our young. Physicians have access to all who experience pains and sufferings; which is just about everyone. Collectively, these two professions have access to everyone in every demographics, walk and echelon of life. I would suggest, CMA, well positioned and resources to take leadership, begin a national campaign to empower health care providers and educators to take leadership in promoting wellness.

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