What would you do if you are the prime minister?

I love my “work”. It is a pleasure for me to interact with people I consider to be no different than my friends. Patients ask me when I am going on vacation. I say I am always on vacation for I am doing what I love. If I want to be on a beach; I close my eyes and I am under a cabana with a cool drink. The mind is a powerful tool once mastered. Until then it can be a curse. I refuse to live only from vacation to vacation.
I know many who don’t “work”. To me that is ok too. We really don’t need many geniuses to produce the truly needed goods and services. Most of what is produced and services rendered are only needed to meet needs imagined.
If I was to be a prime minister now, the country would likely be no better off; and I’d go crazy. I’d have to first get my act together. I’d try to be a good example. Learn how to eat, exercise, meditate, listen, think, speak and be genuine. By the time I get myself together, I’d probably give enough people reason to shoot me.
Yes. Even for people who don’t have or choose not to have an occupation; the task of self-management and self-care remains non-discretionary.
I would like to see a “cradle to grave” education system replace our culture of addiction with a new culture of wellness.

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