An epidemic of “test-itis”

“You are eating the same way and have no plans to quit smoking; I am confused as to why you are requesting yet another cholesterol test?”
Many also suffer “MRI-it”, “CT-itis”, just two more examples of the growing family of “test-itis”. They are due to the fears arising in patients who know only a little, an inability to pay attention to what they truly care about and the need to cover our “behind”. Yup! I am also part of this epidemic of “test-itis”. Telling physicians how to choose wisely is only small part of the solution. Patients wants to know and needs to know. I try to share my perspectives every chance I get. I think educating the public is the responsibility of everyone that knows. I think ignorance hurts all and we are interdependent and in it together. Wellness perspectives need to be a culture of our education system, media, government and corporations.

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