Alcohol and emergency visits

I read: “Ottawa – New research shows dramatically rising visits to emergency departments (ED) related to alcohol, especially for women, with a 175% increase in alcohol-related visits from young people aged 25 to 29. ”

This is a testament of the successful and mostly unbridled marketing of one of many addictive substance to a population in which common sense has become uncommon.  In a society, where substance use is a way of life, celebrated, used to celebrate, has our attention and actively promoted at the same time while people are dying from opioid overdose; any more studies on correlation between alcohol consumption and other social issues (such as crime rate, mental health challenges, chronic health challenges, domestic violence, etc. ) will likely yield  similarly expected findings.
Canadians spent $22.1 billion on alcohol (a rise of 3.5 per cent from the same period a year earlier);
16 Billions on tobaccos;
102 Billions on processed food and beverages;
4.8 Billions on pot; rate rising at 1.2% per year.
250 Billions on healthcare (< than 3% of that on illness prevention which includes immunizations)

4.9 Billions on vegetables.

Perhaps, the government needs to take a step back and make sure all its policies actually make sense.  

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