What is Resilience?

the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

So this is just my perspectives on resilience.

Ability to recover from difficult past experience in a given present moment depends not on changing an immutable past.  If that were necessary, then the solution would require changing the past or waiting for a society without challenges or any need for resilience.

A (positive attitude may be) SUFFICIENT COLLECTION OF PERSPECTIVES IS required to take advantage of opportunities (as you find them), (but no) AND PRECISION OF AWARENESS AND thinking (on its own) is going to (help survive) HELP IN a natural disaster, a bad workplace or childhood abuse. Change (your) THE world (first) by finding the relationships that nurture (you) ALL, the opportunities to use (your) talentS and the places where I CAN PROMOTE experience OF community and governmental support and social justice. (Once you have) WAIT NOT FOR these, (your world will help you succeed more than you could ever help yourself) EXPAND MY AWARENESS AND PERSPECTIVES NOW AND MY WORLD WILL BECOME A KINDER PLACE.

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