How do I balance medicine and my personal life?

How do I balance medicine and my personal life?
Life is a series of moments.
Balanced life is a series of balanced moments.

A balanced moment is:

Balanced body with good posture, adequate fluids, nutrition(healthy daily dose of 8000 flavonoids from 400 grams of non-starchy vegetables) and exercises.

Balanced attention that is grounded to the moment  by moment experiences with gratitude, see things as they are with equanimity and put aside my own perspectives and make room for new ones with curiosity.

Balanced intention that addresses the needs of all of my oneness (my body, family, community, nature and all the rest) as informed by each moment.
Most of all just love life with all its messiness and be at some level totally ok with things just the way it is, how it is and where it is.

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