Election is like arithmetics

Election is like arithmetic.
The reason to have a child practice arithmetics is because the child does not know how.  The reason for electorate to vote is for the same reason.
In the exercise of election, individuals are required to commit to a mistake; as there are often no suitable candidates.   Historically when such suitable candidates appear; they are usually not elected, rather nailed to the cross, burnt at the stake or shot.  Like a difficult child making mistakes in arithmetics insist that the reason he wrote one plus one equals three is the fault of the stationary and the calculator; the electorate is seldom able to own the consequences of the election results.  In this way election provides a context for electorate to fail.  As failures is a better teacher than success; election is a way to increase individual awareness.  This expanded awareness will eventually bring wellness to humanity.
When we stop making mistakes, the need for election also ceases;  as is the need of a sophomore to practice arithmetics.

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