How to make someone happy?

Happiness is an emotion that has its place just as unhappiness; it’s neither good or bad; it is the experience of each moment determined by the object of attention of each moment.  As Sadhguru might say, it’s a crime to miss the present moment completely by paying excess attention to an unchangeable past or a future yet to happen.  State of bliss is being able choose the object of attention moment by moment.  As Sadhguru have said about teaching children.  “Don’t tell them what to do, they don’t listen anyways”.   So as to “make others happy”; two ways this can be accomplished in each moment are
1. if I manage to redirect their attention to an object they haven’t imprecisely assigned with negativity.  
2. Another way, more durable than last, is to help them see that their assignment of negativity is imprecise and the very source of their sufferings.  

The former can be targeted with mindfulness-based interventions.  The latter may respond to some sort of talk therapy or just genuine and authentic conversations.  Even if I choose to do all this for another, it is important to know that the other’s experiences are others choices and not mine.  Like Sadhguru says, “Don’t fix others, fix yourself first; and others might learn from what you do”.

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