My reflection from Alzheimer’s disease to Climate Change

My perspectives on the 50 million dollars in the Canadian federal budget for Alzheimer’s diseases.
I suggest, by spending 50% of that money on nutritional campaign to prevent Alzheimer’s may eliminate need for many billions of healthcare spending, caregiver work and sufferings of affected.
Everyone seems to agree that an ounce of prevention equals pound of cure;  but we currently spend less than 3% of healthcare spending on prevention. There are already ample evidence on what we need to do.  
Type 2 diabetes is a well known risk factors for Alzheimer’s.
30% on Canadians are diabetic or prediabetic.
Study demonstrate that seniors eating most dark leafy greens have 11 years younger brain.
1 in 2 of us will have Alzheimer’s by age of 85.
In the case of Climate Change, Greta Thunberg (15 year old Climate activist, potential Nobel prize nominee, worth looking up on YouTube) challenges us(adults) to grow up and take individual responsibility and do what we can each do.
I have not asked her, but I think I know what Greta will tell me to do about the Alzheimer’s crisis or the Type 2 Diabetes Crisis….
Stop messing around with more studies or rely on others or the government to solve the problem!  Take personal responsibility! Eat a mostly plant-based diet! Be a good example for others! Start wellness conversations at every opportunity.

As a family physician, I have enormous influence on many individuals at every echelon of society.  They come to me at their moments of suffering, open to new perspectives and mostly willing to take actions.  What a privileged position with wonderful opportunities! So, at every meeting, I make sure each patient knows the potential of 5 oz of non-starchy vegetables in prevention of Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and many many other diseases.  I then encourage them to all share the same message with their family and friends.

I believe, as physicians we collectively hold the power to heal our culture of illness and lead the transformation to a cultural of compassion and wellness.  To do that we must be on the wellness journey ourselves.

I have been blessed with many perspectives and the power to produce value.  There is no U-Haul behind a hearse. I think it’s time I create more value for others and put my resources behind what really matters.  I am not going to wait for the government to do something; it simply hasn’t worked! If 250 Billion of annual health care spending got us to our present state; perhaps, money is not the problem but the problem.

If a 15 year old Greta Thunberg can save humanity by taking on Climate Change; as a family physician I can surely do my part to promote wellness and compassion.

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